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What is Writer Hangout?
A global writers community powered by Slack’s real-time messaging platform. We are a strong community of writers, bloggers, screenwriters, academics, novelists, journalists, etc. 

Who can join?
All writers are welcome to join! Every member is responsible for respectful and proper conduct so that members experience high-quality discussions, debates and resources.

Why was it started?
So that there is a public space for any and all writers to come together and swap stories, resources, feedback and inspiration with one another.

Who started Writer Hangout?
TheRightMargin team (Art, Christine, Shivani and Will). One day we were looking for an awesome writers' community on Slack. After realizing there wasn't one yet, we decided to create one ourselves!

What is TheRightMargin? (www.therightmargin.com)
A goal-driven writing app that guides, supports and encourages writers during each writing project. TRM has a writing workspace where you can organize and edit your draft, notes and outlines, a timeline planner that helps you set and achieve your writing goals, and project-specific tips and prompts that help you move forward.

What is Slack? (https://slack.com)
The ultimate communication platform -- topics are organized into channels that you can join at any time, and Slack has awesome features like tagging, file sharing, fully searchable history, and integrations like Twitter and Google Drive.

Where can I learn more about public Slack communities?
- Consumers are using Slack Beyond the Enterprise:  https://pando.com/2015/02/23/consumers-are-using-slack-beyond-the-enterprise-whether-the-company-likes-it-or-not/
- Using Slack as a Public Chat: https://wiredcraft.com/blog/using-slack-as-a-public-chat/

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Email us at support@therightmargin.com.

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